Jeanne Robertson Shares An Awkward Moment With The Hotel Bellman

Jeanne Robertson Shares An Awkward Moment With The Hotel Bellman

Clean comedian Jeanne Robertson is back with a hilarious story about her encounter with the hotel bellman.

Over the years, Jeanne has shared so many funny stories about her life and the antics that she gets into. We’ve all come to love Left Brain and that unmistakable Southern drawl.

This clean comedian always leaves us laughing and this story is no different. Jeanne’s career takes her all over the nation on speaking engagements.

During that time, she’s amassed quite a large t-shirt collection. Jeanne admits that she’s a huge lover of t-shirts and will always pack a ton in her suitcase.

On one trip, she traveled all the way to Michigan. The weather was very cold and the hotel heating system was not working properly. Jeanne swears that it was colder inside the building than it was outside.

Once she checked into her room, this funny lady immediately started to bundle up. She put on so many layers, but she still was not warm enough. That’s when she had the bright idea to order a bowl of hot soup. She was sure that this would make her feel better.

When the bellman arrived at her door with the soup, they struck up a conversation. But Jeanne had no idea that an innocent bowl of soup would turn into such an unforgettable encounter.

You have gotta hear when she gets to the punch line. I don’t know how she gets herself into these situations but it’s certainly hilarious every single time!

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