23-Year-Old Dedicates BGT Audition To Brother 'Trapped' In His Own Brain

23-Year-Old Dedicates BGT Audition To Brother 'Trapped' In His Own Brain

Britain’s Got Talent contestant Mark McMullan dedicates his winning audition to his brother with a brain injury. It takes a lot of courage to step onto a stage and pour your heart out. But Mark knows that this audition is bigger than just him.

Today, Mark is performing ‘Bring Him Home’ from the musical Les Misérables. Before his performance, he shared the story behind his song selection. “’Bring Him Home’ is a very very personal song to me and my family. About nearly six years ago, my older brother took sick from a brain injury. He’s here today. He was left with a condition called Locked-In Syndrome, which basically means he’s trapped inside his own body and the only thing he can really do is hear. So, my music kind of became a big comfort for him.”

Mark’s brother, Declan, is in the audience for this emotional performance and the audience was already teary-eyed before the song ever began.

“Bring him peace, bring him joy
He is young, he is only a boy
You can take, you can give
Let him be, let him live If I die, let me die
Let him live Bring him home”

After Mark belts out these iconic lyrics, he easily earned a standing ovation from all four judges and the entire crowd. And more than a few people were wiping away the tears. Declan must be so proud of his little brother for standing on the Britain’s Got Talent stage and letting every fear fall away.

Who else is cheering for this young man in the competition?

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