Gaither Vocal Band Past And Present Sing 'The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor'

Gaither Vocal Band Past And Present Sing 'The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor'

Members of The Gaither Vocal Band, throughout the decades, come together for an incredible performance of ‘The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor.’

This powerful song tells the tale of a man who decided to hand his life over to the Lord. Previously, he lived a sinful life but now he has turned to God.

“They baptized Jesse Taylor in Cedar Creek last Sunday
Jesus gained a soul and Satan lost a good right arm
They all cried, "Hallelujah" when Jesse's head went under
'Cause this time he went under for the Lord”

The Gaither Vocal Band is a popular all-male southern ensemble that has been sharing gospel music for decades. The band name comes from the founder and leader, Bill Gaither, who has written countless hymns and worship favorites.

Since 1981, this group has performed hundreds of beloved worship tunes and beautiful original songs all over the world. Over the years, the members have changed but the mission of the group remains. They hope to use their voices to give glory to God.

Today, current and past members of the Gaither Vocal Band gather together for an incredible rendition of ‘The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor.’ Just listen as they join their voices for this iconic song.

“From now on Nancy Taylor can proudly speak to neighbors
Tell them how much Jesse took up with little Jim
Now Jimmy's got a daddy and Jesse's got a family
And Franklin County's got a lot more man”

When we accept God as our Lord and Savior, we are truly starting a brand new life. God has washed away our sins and, now, we are free to live out our eternal days in Heaven. That is such an amazing gift and truly something to be celebrated.

This song is the perfect reminder of the changes that happen when the Lord walks with us. Who remembers hearing this song for the very first time?