5-Year-Old And School Bus Driver Change Each Other's Lives

5-Year-Old And School Bus Driver Change Each Other's Lives

One school bus driver shares the incredibly special bond between a 5-year-old student that has since gone viral.

Arletha Sherman is a school bus driver in Jacksonville, Florida. Each morning, no matter how she feels, she knows that once she boards the bus, her day is going to turn around. All of that is due to one young girl, Anna Hopson.

Anna was born with a rare, neuromuscular disorder that leaves her in a wheelchair. Whenever Anna would get on the bus, her positive attitude would radiate to Arletha. "The fact that she has so much going on in her life, but she's always happy — and she's always bubbly — and she's always, 'Hey, Ms. Sherman!' And then we just started communicating.”

Anna’s parents took notice of the special bond when the bus driver arrived at their house one day. Anna had not been on the bus and Arletha wanted to make sure that the 5-year-old was doing okay. But Arletha took her caring nature up to a whole new level for Anna’s birthday.

Arletha decorated the entire bus with streamers and even got Anna a present. "All she could do was just take her hands up and say, 'All this for me?' It was just so overwhelming.”

Besides just sharing smiles, Anna and Arletha now share an unbreakable bond. Young Anna served as the flower girl in Arletha’s wedding and it was a moment that brought her parents to tears. And to think that all of this started on the school bus.

This just shows how far a little bit of kindness can truly go.