"My God" sums up Gods' attributes and reminds everyone that he can do
anything but fail," explains Brown. An upbeat song that makes you move,
the first verse says it all: My God he answers my every prayer/He shows
up when no one's there/And every little flower and tree needs the rain/
My God don't need anything to make a way.

As an international artist who travels the world uplifting and encouraging
audiences of all nationalities and faiths, Veronica's hope, with this song
and her forthcoming project, is to convey that it's cool and fun to have
salvation. "God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore," states Brown. "He has not changed. Could you image having been present when Jesus turned water into wine? Wouldn't you have thought, That's Cool? I want listeners to feel, Hey, I am sharing with Veronica."

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