Nervous Opera Singer Ends Up Stunning The Crowd With ‘Ave Maria’

Nervous Opera Singer Ends Up Stunning The Crowd With ‘Ave Maria’

Watch this talented yet nervous opera singer stun the crowd on Britain’s Got Talent with her performance of ‘Ave Maria.’

23-year-old Emma Jones almost let her nerves get the best of her on Britain’s Got Talent. But once the music started, Emma let all of her worries wash away. This brilliant performance of ‘Ava Maria’ is nothing short of inspiring!

When Emma first walks out onto the stage, she looks quite scared and nervous. Simon then asks her why she entered the show. “I just want to give it a try and see if you like my voice,” she replies.

As she sings, you can see Emma’s hands shaking as she holds the microphone. But what comes out of her mouth is such a beautiful and angelic voice!

She has absolutely captivated the audience and judges with her amazing performance, and they end up giving her a standing ovation when she finishes the song. She cannot believe it! And it is touching to see how Emma reacts to the audience reacting to her performance. Her emotions are bursting out of her face. It is beautiful to see the joy and appreciation that she felt in that moment.

“You should be confident, Emma!” says one of the judges. “You came on and you were very shy and nervous at first, but you have a fantastic voice. Very few of us could ever sing like that. And you should come out and perform like a winner because that’s what you are.”

Many people online reacted to her performance in a very positive way, as well. “This is one of the most beautiful versions of ‘Ave Maria’ I've ever heard. It gave me chills,” writes one person on YouTube after watching the video.

“I just love when it comes that special time for a shy and less than confident person to shine,” comments another person online. “It's like God chose this special moment, it was Emma's night to blossom into full unequivocal full bloom for the first time in her life. Emma, you gave the world a gift this night, a gift we never will forget.”

What a wonderful performance! And Emma was more than happy to be on the receiving end of 4 yeses from the judges!

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