Obamacare site to be fixed by end of Nov; Thousands rally against NSA (UCNN #206)

Obamacare site to be fixed by end of Nov; Thousands rally against NSA (UCNN #206)

Urban Christian News Network with Daniella Whyte for Saturday, October 26, 2013.

1. According to CBS News, After a week of unrelentingly negative news coverage and consumer dissatisfaction with the healthcare.gov web site, the White House believes it has turned an important corner by identifying a date when the web site will be fixed.

2. According to RT America, Thousands of civil liberties activists are planning a rally in Washington, DC on Saturday to tell the US government to stop infringing on citizens' right to privacy through the extensive monitoring of Americans' communications by the National Security Agency.

3. According to the Associated Press, Air Force Academy cadets are no longer required to say "so help me God" at the end of the Honor Oath, school officials said Friday.

4. According to Christianity Today, Al Jazeera America received a major boost this week in its controversial attempt to build a U.S. audience. But the Qatar-based news station, whose channel will now be carried by Time Warner Cable, is not the only Middle East satellite giant coming to penetrate the market.

5. According to the Chicago Tribune, The Rev. Robert Williams praises God from the pulpit of Mount Zion Baptist Church. He delivers impassioned sermons and presides over church business.

6. According to CBN News, Evangelist Billy Graham was released from Mission Hospital in Ashville, N.C. Thursday after undergoing precautionary pulmonary tests.