mullymusic - it's going to change

the song is called "it's going to change" and began as a quirky little instrumental idea but quickly manifested into this whole other entity, steamrolling along and haunting me until it's completion.

the lyrics were inspired by which in case you were unaware, is a non-profit whose contributions benefit the "it gets better project" and "the trevor project".

the message of my lyrics is directed to anyone that is feeling in crisis. that no matter how bad things might seem right now, they will change and get better, you just have to give it the time needed for that to happen.

i'm offering the song on my website for free and encouraging donations with 50% of the proceeds going to the "it gets better project" or you can donate directly at it's all good.

please take a moment and listen to the song. encourage your friends to give it a listen as well. it could be just what they or one of their friends need to get through a rough patch.

enjoy !

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