See the Lamb - family friendly version

IMPORTANT: Parents, please preview this video first. The uncut version (ad free, downloadable) can be found here:

To those who are undecided about Jesus,
The joy of the Christian faith comes from the belief of a risen and living Jesus Christ. Most of the early disciples died martyr's deaths asserting that Jesus had been raised from the dead. One of my favorite teachers (Dr. Jack Deere) points out that no one dies a martyr's deaths for a lie. Many of those early disciples died horrible deaths because they were eye witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

To my brothers and sisters in Christ,
Please prayerfully consider passing this video link on to others who are in need of hope--or just simply perspective. Our struggles, pain and loss are changed when we come to the foot of the cross. I hold both copyright and publishing rights. Share it freely. Copy it, burn it, link it, embed it, just share it... So all the world might hear the Gospel and be set free from the chains of guilt, shame and separation from the only living God.

The mp3, chord charts and sheet music will be available for the song soon (free ;-) @ Lift high the cross and the joy of The Risen Savior, Jesus - the Christ!

In Him,
Jamie Kirby
Worship Pastor, Wellspring dfw

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