The Conditioned Mind

In the same ways we become conditioned to tie our shoes, drive our car, or pour a cup of coffee without acute focus, we too become conditioned to cope with the stresses of life. But what happens when these conditioned modes of coping do not line-up with God's will?
If we are made new in Christ why do we avoid dealing with certain areas of our life? Why do we tolerate people treating us the way they do? How is that we keep finding ourselves repeating the same old dysfunctional patterns? We ask these questions because we recognize we're stuck in behaviors that we know are not a part of God's will. Even when we know the answer as to why we do what we do, we often stay stuck. The Conditioned Mind was written to get you out of your rut. To free you from the conditioning factors that keep you stuck so that you can live in the power, love, and soundness of mind The Lord has always intended for you.

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