Don't Lose Your Testimony

Don't Lose Your Testimony

Christ gave examples to his disciples of what the end times will entail

We will be challenged in our faith, things will be testimony

Joseph was a favorite son of Israel (Jacob)
- Go thru and not lose our testimony

We in body of Christ are being challenged in our faith because government, schools, has told us what we can and cannot say; because we don’t want to cause an disturbance

No testimony without a test; people have thrown the towel in after is seemed that they understood who to work it out; don't throw in the towel but continue to endure; Book of Martyrs - story of man who gave up on Christ Jesus on his death bed

Joseph held on to his faith over 13 years… even though people talked about him, doubted him,
- your decision to quit could cost you your testimony

Gen 37:3
- Love can produce jealousy; can come from those closest to you
- Favor can cause others to hate you

Gen 37:5
- God's anointing comes at a cost
- Joseph's dream brought problems for him when he told the dream
- God speaks to bring correction and not material blessings; refer to OT prophets

Gen 37:23
- Joseph's brothers betrayed him because of anointing, favor and gifting

Gen 37:31
- Joseph's went and told a lie on him
- Look at the coat w/ blood on it, my son is gone - Jacob
- You are not to old to go through; Joseph was 17 years old

As soon as we are getting back on our feet another trial / tribulation comes
- Pharaoh's wife desires Joseph; but he didn’t give in, he ran and she lied

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