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How To Access The Fullness Of God In Christ To Live An Abundant Life!

When you access the fullness of God, you will only reap an abundant life! The key is to know how to go deeper with God so that you can really live life abundantly.

The Kingdom of God is based on righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. So, in order to access all that God has for you, it’s very important to maintain a right standing with God. Through what Jesus did on the cross, we have righteousness imparted into us, but it’s important that we know that and seek after that righteousness to keep that right standing with God.

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To keep that righteousness with God it’s about having a consistent relationship with HIM. So, as it comes down to it, the fullness of God is accessed through relationship and relationship is maintained through communication.

And as that relationship grows and you go deeper with God, it opens you up to access more and more of HIS fullness of abundant life.

As I keep repeating in my videos, keep that relationship with God strong. Everything in life is really about that relationship!

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