[God’s Speaking] How To Have Clarity over ‘God Things’ or ‘Good Things’

Clarity is very important in your life. Don’t deceive yourself by being busy doing ‘good’ things instead of ‘God’ things.

Not every good thing is a God thing for you. You need to understand that my relationship with God is uniquely different from yours. It may look similar but you can’t put God in a box. He doesn’t fit in one.

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Two people can be in the same class and God’s goal for one is to stay the whole class period while for someone else it may be to grab some gold nuggets at the beginning and then leave. Just because it seems good to be in class doesn’t mean that everyone should be in class.

That’s why its super important to always be in conversation with God through the Holy Spirit so you know exactly what He’s doing in that certain time. This is for what He’s doing for you, not what He’s doing for someone else.

Whatever you do, don’t mix up what’s a good thing for what’s a God thing for you right now. This is why clarity is so important. And clarity only comes from communion with HIM!

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