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What Does God Want Me To Do? How to Know When God Sends You

How can I know what God wants me to do next? Well, it can be difficult, but it starts with HIM.

Many people feel like God might be sending them somewhere but they don’t know if it’s really God sending them. So, they end up not doing anything. That’s not good. If you want to know if God is sending you somewhere, it starts with your relationship with Him. He is always the foundation of everything. He is the answer to every problem.

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It always starts with us and our closeness to Him. First of all you must understand how God communicates with you. What patterns of speaking have you established?

Next, it is very wise to seek counsel from people that have been in the same situation before or simply someone that is a spiritual father to you. Maybe you have a dream or something that they can help you interpret.

It’s also important to be linked with a progressive church that is really going after the Kingdom of God. The key is to make sure the church is moving in the way that God is moving.

With these keys, you should be able to tell when God is sending you somewhere or whether it’s just something you came up with.

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