Jesus is Everything

Jesus is my everything and my all in all. Only Jesus can save us from condemnation. As He is the everything, there is nothing that I bring can improve my condition to be saved. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and none can go to Heavenly Father except by Him. This is clearly the message,He is the only way, the truth and the life to God. 耶稣是我的一切,我的一切所有。 我还需要谁呢?因他是一切,我就可以坦然无惧来到神面前, 神看到我如看到他的圣子耶稣,他的宝血已经洗尽我一切的不义。有了耶稣,其他的教顺,例如: 紧守安息日为主日而忘记耶稣的功劳,敬奉另一本多过圣经,紧拜耶稣和神的希伯来文名字。 请观赏视频来认定有了耶稣,我别无可求。耶稣就是我的唯一道路,真理和生命,永生的生命。

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