Clear Creek Abbey Work Day

This video is about the annual Work Day in early March at Clear Creek Abbey. For Work Day hundreds of volunteers spend a full day helping to accomplish various types of manual labor on the 1000 acre monastery grounds. What the volunteers are able to do in one day would take the monks years to realize, since the monks pray 8 hours a day, and use the left over time for other work. Work Day begins with prayer with the monks and breakfast, continues in an atmosphere of Christian fellowship, includes a homemade barbecue meal for all, and ends with the satisfaction of having done your part to glorify God and help the monks to do the same. Come join us - there is literally something for everyone (men, women, children, young or old) including praying for the workers. See pictures of Work Day 2012 at: For info about next year's work day, visit or contact Erik Grayless

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