U.S. blames Iran for Persian Gulf cyber attacks (Second Coming Watch Update #253)

U.S. blames Iran for Persian Gulf cyberattacks. According to The Associated Press, a former US government official says American authorities firmly believe that Iranian hackers, likely supported by the Tehran government, were responsible for recent cyberattacks against oil and gas companies in the Persian Gulf and that they appeared to be in retaliation for the latest round of US sanctions against the country.

Russia says it will not renew arms agreement with U.S. According to Reuters, Russia will not renew a decades-old agreement with Washington on dismantling nuclear and chemical weapons when it expires next year.

More Israeli Jews express desire to control the Temple Mount and build a third temple. According to Haaretz, just last year, temple activists were firmly planted in the far-right messianic fringes of Orthodox Judaism and were shunned by most religious Jews.

Mark 13:26-27 // SecondComingHerald.com

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