Dragon Boat, Zong [Dumpling] Duanwu Festival

Dragon Boat Festival and is typically celebrated during the summer months with dragon boat races and competitions being the focus of the activities. http://dragon-zong.blogspot.com. Festivals in different cultures on this day:

Dragon Boat Festival (China)

Kodomo no hi (Japan)

Dano (Korean festival) (Korea)

Dragon Boat (Vietnam)

Dragon Boat, Duanwu or Duen Ng Festival is a traditional Chinese festival held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar (19/June/07 &amp; 08/June/08). It is also known as the Double Fifth. It has since been celebrated in other parts of East Asia as well. In the West, it is commonly known as Dragon Boat Festival.<br />
The local people, knowing him [poet] to be a good man, decided to throw food into the river to feed the fish so that they would not eat Chu's body. They also sat on long, narrow paddle boats called dragon boats, and tried to scare the fish away by the thundering sound of drums aboard the boat and carved dragon head on the boat's prow.<br />
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In the early years of the Republic of China, Duen Ng was also celebrated as &quot;Poets' Day,&quot; due to Qu Yuen's status as China's first poet of personal renown. Today, people eat bamboo-leaves wrapped steamed rice dumplings called zongzi (the food originally intended to feed the fish) and race dragon boats in memory of Wut Yuen's death.<br />
The dragon boat sport is governed by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) and is considered as the worlds fastest growing sport, which now aims for Olympic recognition. Dragon Boat events attract thousands of spectators enjoying the action and atmosphere of the ancient Far-East tradition.<br />
August 23, 2008. Renforth Wharf, Canada.<br />
The Saint John Dragon Boat Festival is a fundraising project of St. Joseph&acirc;�ï¿Â

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