Trailer Extended: MONEY TALKS (God and Money)

if we are going to talk about money, we may as well laugh about it too!

Do you love me? Do you trust me? Do you live for me? Do you want more of me? It's funny how money and God say some of the same things. If you think you have ever had issues with money, you should meet the Penders. Money is a part of all our lives, but to this California family, money is everything. Their outrageous view of money provides an amusing yet insightful reflection on struggles we all face in our consumer-driven culture. Money Talks take a lighthearted but important look at one of the more difficult issues of our faith: money and stewardship.

Instead of hearing a story being told by a preacher, you're actually watching a Hollywood-quality short story. It's like going to a great movie. You want to talk about it, and the conversation is even better with people who saw the movie with you-the people in your small group. This is unlike anything else out there.

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