The Pagan Asks- 01

Many people call the big bang's explanation of things ridiculous, and absurd that matter could have simply happened to exist.

So then what do you think happened? The bible is utterly useless for anything before God. Not what he was doing until he decided to create things, not why he decided to, not how long he was around until he decided to and especially not where HE came from...

So, if the Big Bang is rubbish because the probability that matter just happened to explode into being-- why exactly is it not rubbish that an all-powerful deity-thing just happened to exist? Is that really more believable?

Is it because it's more comforting for existance to have a face? Or that maybe if there was a BEING behind our, being- there is perhaps a purpose for us?

Please answer honestly. I'm not expecting truth or proof because there is none.. But I want opinions, personal reasons, etc.

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