KONY 2012 - "Invisible Children" (A Christians Response) - Marlon Vincent (@Knowledge_Muzik)

Marlon Vincent - Invisible Children (prod. by @GLNRCK)
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[Verse 1]

So many questions lately
Why God would cause this pain
These children cried for help
Yet it seemed in vein
I don't know the answer
Nor do I understand
Faith in God I believe perfection is the plan
Even God is questioned
Free will thats mans decision
Condemning ourselves to justify the doubt of God's existence
Let's not talk religious
I rather talk the truth
We go to war for oil ignoring abduction of the youth
Land of the free they claim
Out of sight out of mind but what if your child was contemplating suicide bang

How dare we question God as though He manufactured sin
Absent from light the darkness dwelt from us so deep within
Broken and hopeless the surface was superficial restricted by legal systems

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