'The Pendulum' by 'Neil Hankin '

You can buy my latest CD at www.cdbaby.com/cd/neilhankin2.This is a short film about finding if your name is in the 'Book Of Life',if your name is not mentioned, you go to the Fires Of Hell,if it is you go to Heaven.For the first piece of film i have used a tune i wrote called 'The Pendulum' and i think this works well,here the people are heading towards the Narrow Gates and these can be seen by the pillar of light.The second piece of film is set to some words from The Bible and this is warning the people about what could happen and in the final piece ,if you look into the flames of the fires you can see tormented figures, you can also imagine reflections on water in places showing the calm sea of fire about to rare up. I used another piece of my music called 'The Party' to represent Heaven and Hell .The start and end of the film represents a calm before the storm.All the best from myself,Neil.

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