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'SWEET HOME ALABAMA' played by 'Neil Hankin'on 5 String Banjo.A Lynyrd Skynyrd song.

You can buy my latest CD at www.cdbaby.com/cd/neilhankin2 My version of this well known song played on my 10 year old daughters banjo.I was sitting in a lovely forest so i thougt i would try to record something, but its not easy with two mad dogs about your feet.For more info go to www.moonshinemadness.co.uk..A number of people have asked about the picking i use so i have tried to explain it here,hope you can get the gist.I play the song in B,only because it fits my voice,you will have to see what fits yours.I will play it on the vid[,not this one but a learning vid] in G,just to make it easier to explain but i will be using the chord pattern G to F to C,when i play the C i leave the first string open every time.You will need to play G at the fifth fret,then slide the whole chord down two frets for an F,then a C as i said with the open first string.I wii explain some of the patterns now.With the G chord on at the fifth fret i play the fourth string twice with my thumb,,then i play the

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