A Spiritual Affirmation 2: Frederick Faber

I don't know much about Frederick Faber, but I really thought this particular quote taken from: Church Doctrine, A Witness Against Worldly Times was interesting considering how well this fits our mainstream culture in even today's era.... in a worser way unfortunately. I hear some people mock the idea of the end times being near, and while I cannot predict when they'll happen to the exact T since I'd otherwise be making myself into a false prophet, I can say that we should be getting ourselves ready spiritually regardless. Whether the events of the Book of Revelation take place tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, a decade later, a century later, or whatever we should not be lazy and apathetic on having ourselves ready for God. We should never put off reading our Bible, praying to God, helping others along the way, or whatever just because things look and feel cozy. By doing so we are neglecting God and are spiritually starving our souls and our minds!

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