Your Blood Flowed

Music video made by: Emanuel Youth Worship Media Ministry. Written by: Miriam Coman Calin Veres Recorded by: Emanuel Youth Band Purpose: To share and spread the gospel throughout the world. VERSE 1: The earth shook, the heavens darkened As the father
turned away And my sins in your hands were pounded On that sweetly bitter day VERSE 2: On that hill, You were forsaken Beloved Father's only son But your life, it was not taken Your last breath, you freely gave CHORUS: Your blood flowed, and showed me mercy
Your blood flowed and gave me grace And by your blood, my heart was captured Only to, rejoice in praise VERSE 3: On my knees, I come before you I bow my head and raise my heart While your blood, it spills around me Draws me near, and never parts BRIDGE: You
washed my sins, you cleansed my soul You touched my heart, and made me whole

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