Breaking the Silence: The Vision of CRI

Breaking the Silence: The Vision of CRI ~ The Christian Research Institute was founded by Dr. Walter Martin in New Jersey in 1960. Walter's vision was to take the research of "top apologetics" and make it accessible to lay people as "pop apologetics" (as

opposed to "slop apologetics") so that they would become confident in their faith, discerning of doctrinal error, and able to make a compelling defense of the hope that lies within them to cultists, occultists, atheists, and unbelievers of all kinds. In the
late 1980s Walter came to understand that it was time for him to pass the leadership of CRI to the next generation. In late 1988 he announced that, while he would remain the public face of CRI, CRI board member Hank Hanegraaff would take over its day-to-day
direction. Just one-half year later, in June 1989, Walter Martin died... This video is a Chapter Summary. To access the complete chapter, please visit:

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