10 Benefits of Pursuing Righteousness - Peace, Quietness and Confidence pt1

10 Benefits of Pursuing God's Righteousness

1) Is. 32:17-18 You experience peace, quietness and confidence
2) Jn. 15:7-8 You bear much fruit for the glory of the King and His kingdom.
3) Is. 32:1 You reign and rule with justice.
4) Ps. 18:20, 24 You are rewarded and recompensed.
5) Ps. 18:23 You are able to guard against sin and guilt.
6) Prov. 14:34 You are elevated in every area and relation.
7) Prov. 15:9 You experience God's approval, companionship and productivity.
8) Prov. 21:21 Your life force is added to.
9) Prov. 11:4 You have true security far beyond riches on the day of calamity.
10) Job 36:7 You are always protected because His eyes are upon you and you are exalted as a king.

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