Marriage for Today A Practical Guide for Couples Book Promo

Authors Mike & Trisha Fox, Marriage Coaches, founders of Marriage for Today ( have passionately put together a comprehensive book and guide to help married couples be successful, happy and healthy. Whether you Christian or non-religious, this book will help you know what to do to enrich your marriage, and what pitfalls to avoid. Whether to enrich, help or save your marriage, this book is a MUST!
From healthy and unhealthy marriages, to Marriage Myths-Builders and Killers, to Real Answers to Real Questions, Mike and Trisha Fox left nothing out in this “pull-no punches” book.
Tired of the same old rut? Authors Mike and Trisha Fox will tell you what very few are telling you, and also what you can do to break free and have a successful and victorious, happy and healthy marriage!

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