A Few of the Ranch Horses

Pictures of the horses at the Ranch;; Song: You Invite Me In by Merideth Andrews[I BOUGHT THE SONG ON ITUNES] ;;; So I LOVE making these videos but my camera and computers are being really stupid. I cant upload or transfer and new videos from my camera to the computers T_T its ticking me off to no end!!!! *fumesangrily* so.. I'm not sure how to correct that but I will get it checked out and fixed so I can have newer and better videos.

ANYONE shown in my videos has WRITTEN consent to be video taped and/or used in videos that I publicize.
At 2:40 ish yes, that is my crutch on the ground. I had a knee surgery around September and was STILL out at the ranch on one crutch or no crutch, balancing on one leg, to keep "my" horse safe and rideable by everyone :) I LOVE BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!

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