Take a Look - Week 3 - Part 2 - Can a Rational Person Believe?

This is the first part of the third talk in the evangelical series following our "Open Sunday" in January 2009. The series was intended to give visitors (particularly non-Christian visitors) the chance to get to know us, and to understand some of the things we believe.

In this talk, Mark spoke on the topic "Can a rational person believe in God and Jesus?".

In this second part of the talk, he talked about the evidence for Jesus and for His claims to be "The Son of God". He covered the question of whether there is any evidence for Jesus' existence (based on both Biblical and non-Biblical sources such as Josephus, etc.), whether we can have confidence in the written record, whether Jesus claimed to be anything more than just a man, and what evidence there is to support that claim (including His teachings, prophesies about Him, His miracles, and His resurrection).

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