Florida`s Story of Clinically Dying and going to Heaven Hell - Part 1

Florida clinically died at 8 years of age,she was dead for 8 minutes.She was taken by 2 angels out past all the stars to where heaven is.She was brought before an angel who had a long white scroll in front of him.Florida asked him what it was.He said it

is the Lamb`s book of life.She asked him what that was.He explained to her that it had all the names of those who had asked Jesus to be their saviour.He then turned to his side and as Florida looked she saw Jesus,with Moses on one side of Him and Elijah on
the other.Jesus said to Florida,come with me.He took her away from heaven and brought her to where she could see hell.He explained to her that He had waited,right up to their last breath for those souls to turn to Him,but they died cursing Him instead.He then
brought Florida back up to the entrance of heaven,He showed her the nail holes in His hands and feet,explained how He died on the cross and took everyone`s sin upon Himself.

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