I AM A PERSON WHO MET GOD - The DALE HOPE Testimony - Part 1 of 4

Dale Hop had something happen to him at a younger age that more than likely greatly contributed to him becoming a rebel against adult authority growing up. Resentment, suppressed anger, bitterness, will do that to a child almost always, if not properly dealt with, especially if they have been molested.

Yet Dale had a godly mother that kept showing him unconditional love time after time, and combined with her prayers, God continued to tug on his spirit while the devil tugged tenaciously on his soul. Though alcohol addiction and drugs and being in trouble with the law, Dale reached a point in his life when he no longer could take the mental torment, and he cried out to God: HELP! I CAN NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!

And God was there to help him. He became a new spiritual creation who met God.

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