God's Great Love~The ABALONEKID

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Salvation is complete when we are baptized by The Holy Spirit at the moment we believe. Once saved, always saved. We do not keep our place in Christ. He keeps us. He keeps us clean, joyous and in a state of anticipatory bliss. Awaiting the call of the Lord to go Home. Be here my friend, now is our moment. A sunrise in the night, we have a witness. Sent to us to share. The Spirit that shows us God is love.Believe my friend, and you will see The Lord. Across the skies of time, He gives us meaning here Beyond both yours and mine, a meaning that's part of God's great love.Touch Him hold tight Too many empty nights..We waited for the dawn. All of those endless days. When hope was tired and worn. Days when we could have lived in love. So stay my friend, of all the things we'll share The loving is the best. Christ is lifes answer here,We'll find out in the end, an answer our time here Was the test.

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