FALLEN YET RESTORED: The JACK QUAID Christian Testimony: Part 1 of 4

FALLEN YET RESTORED: The JACK QUAID Christian Testimony: Part 1 of 4

Jack Quaid surrendered his life to the Lord at a young age, but temptation crept in and he eventually yielded to it. Eventually he became ensnared to alcohol, at which point it nearly cost him his marriage, not to mention the call God had upon his life.

Many people see sin as something God does not want them to do, and that is as far as it goes. Jack Quaid learned the hard way that the REAL REASON God tells us not to sin is because sin will DESTROY a person. Sin is LETHAL!

One of the biggest lies we can tell ourselves is that it is okay to sin, as long as we do it in moderation. What we do not remind ourselves of is that moderation is a relative term. An alcoholic who drinks a quart of vodka a day might consider that as drinking in moderation, as long as he or she is not drinking two quarts of vodka a day!

The title of the first chapter of every addicts book is titled the same: HOW I STARTED OUT IN LIFE TAKING MY SIN OF CHOICE, IN MODERATION.

If you have an addiction of some sort, please do yourself a huge favor and listen to this video, ESPECIALLY if you are a Christian. It might well be the most helpful video you will ever see, in light of eternity.

If you believe you have a call on your life to be a Pastor, this testimony can also be a useful resource to gleam some insights about going into the pastoral ministry.

The Holy Spirit also uses brother Jack on this video to impart some very important words to those who are struggling with finances and medical/health issues.

Jack currently is Pastor of Glad Tidings Church located in Lansing, Michigan, where he has opportuntiy to minister hope to many who have fallen away from the Lord, as well as to those who have yet to appropriate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross to cancel out their sins.