The Vineyard - Serving people in Cape Town - Part 2

The Vineyard - Serving people in Cape Town - Part 2

Part 2 of 2.

This weekend we are very blessed to have Mark and Flora Swartz visiting us. We have been able to provide some financial to Mark and Flora's work in Cape Town, South Africa at "The Vineyard", a simple ministry that provides for the needs of many poor and struggling people in that city. This video is from an informal presentation that Mark did that contrasted the beauty of the surroundings with the impact of poverty, alcohol and drugs on the lives of some of the people in the midst of that beauty. Mark also spoke about some of the Biblical principles that motivate and encourage them in their work.

Unfortunately our technology failed us before the end of his presentation (the camcorder battery went flat!), but we managed to capture most of what he said!

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