MALTA: Chinese Serenity Garden, Santa Lucija

At the village of Santa Luċija in Malta, we find the Garden of Serenity which is an elegant classical garden with exquisite pavilions, corridors, fountains and ponds.

The Chinese Garden of Serenity (Ġnien is-Serenità) is a public Chinese garden, a project aided by the Chinese Government. The garden was constructed in the early 1990s.

The elements in the Chinese Garden are rocks & water, which feature prominently. They symbolise all that forms part of the basis of nature, the "Yin &Yang". The fountain near the entrance of the garden represents the " Figure of birth".

The other elements within the Chinese Garden that symbolise the active life. The winding corridor at the northern end of the garden represents the windings and challenges of life, the Bamboo Garden represents contemplation and the great hall which represents community.

A number of prominent Chinese leaders have planted flowers at the Chinese Garden of Serenity.

Photos taken by Choy Hong (Jasmine) Grech

Video produced by Alfred and Jasmine Grech, Mosta, Malta

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Alfred & Jasmine Grech

Mosta, Malta

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