'In You Came' The Petersens Bluegrass Family Band

'In You Came' The Petersens Bluegrass Family Band

You have to check out this sweet video of the bluegrass family band known as The Petersens singing the song ‘In You Came.’

“It's been a long, yes, a long long time, since I've seen a rainbow, smelled an apple pie
Played with the clouds passing by, remembering those, those happy days
Splashing in the puddles after the rain, will I ever see them again?"

At the start of the video, Jon Petersen, the father of the family, starts off singing while playing the guitar. His family is gathered around him with their instruments.

Slowly, others join in to play along and his wife, Karen, joins him with a lovely harmony. Once all the family members are playing, the music sounds so full and beautiful!

"But then You came with Your arms open wide, bringing back the rainbow after the rain
Bringing back the sunshine once again, I've often wondered why You want me
With all of my problems, child fantasies, all that I've done, who I am” 

“We couldn't think of a better way to start off the year than to share a video with the man who started it all, Jon Petersen,” writes The Petersens in the caption of this YouTube video. “Dad had the idea to become a family bluegrass band, bought us all our instruments, and signed us up to perform way before we were ever ready haha. He and mom would sing us to sleep as little kids and ‘In You Came’ was heard most nights in the Petersen household. Hope you all are blessed by it!”

The Petersens bluegrass band consists of four siblings, Katie, Ellen, Matt, and Julianne, their  mother Karen, and good friend Emmett Franz. And they perform full time in Branson, Missouri.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to their rendition of ‘In You Came’ and it was able to bring a smile to your face today!

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