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Bluegrass Family Band Performs 'Till The Rivers All Run Dry' - Christian Music Videos

Take a step back in time at The Petersens perform a nostalgic rendition of ‘Till The Rivers All Run Dry.’

This 1975 song was a number one hit for singer-songwriter Don Williams. The country lyrics are a beautiful reminder of love and life in simpler times. 

“'Till the rivers all run dry
'Till the sun falls from the sky
'Till life on earth is through
I'll be needing you”

The Petersens are a family band from Branson, Missouri. The band is composed of siblings Katie, Ellen, Matt, and Julianne. Also included are mom Karen, and good friend Emmett Franz. This bluegrass ensemble has traveled all around the world sharing their musical talents, but you can normally find them at home in Branson.

For ten seasons, The Petersens have performed at the Little Opry Theatre in the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex.

Today, they’re taking on a country classic with the iconic Don Williams tune, ‘Till The Rivers All Run Dry.’

“'Cause I'll need you
'Till the rivers all run dry
'Till the sun falls from the sky
'Till life on earth is through, I'll be needing you”

On YouTube, they spoke about the inspiration behind the song. “One of our favorite love songs! Our grandpa had a cassette mixed tape in his old red pickup truck and Don Williams' "Till the Rivers All Run Dry" was one of the songs we heard a lot in the rotation. It's a stunning melody and the harmonies from Katie and Matt make it a joy to sing.” 

Who else enjoyed this modern take on a classic song?