'The Unbreakable Boy' Movie Based on A True Story

A new movie from Kingdom Story Company and Lionsgate is coming to theaters this March called ‘The Unbreakable Boy’ and it is based on a true story about an ordinary man and his extraordinary son.

Austin LeRette is the boy in this story, and he has a rare brittle bone disease and autism. He has also had open heart surgery. Austin’s father, Scott, has been beside him through it all and shares about their life of heartache and triumph in his book that was recently turned into a movie called ‘The Unbreakable Boy.’

“I’m Austin. Richard Austin LeRette. But you can call me Aus. Or Aus-Man. Look at me, I’m rocking that hat! When I meet new people, I tell them everything. Ready? Here we go!” says the little boy in the movie trailer.

He continues: “I have a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta. Those are big words. But it basically means my bones break easily. I’ve broken my arms, my nose, my ribs, my feet, pretty much everything. I also have autism, but hold on, I don’t want to lose my train of thought. Where was I? Oh yeah! I have a lizard named Marty, aka Marty McFly, and I have a killer hat collection. Wearing the right hat makes my day!”

Even with his condition, Austin is such a joyous and funny kid, and his life-affirming worldview transforms and unites everyone around him. And through all the bumps in his life, Austin’s father, Scott, is always right there to support him. This is a story of faith and triumph and definitely not one to miss!

The amazing family in this story shows us all that we may bend but can rise above the hardships in life and remain unbroken. Make sure to catch ‘The Unbreakable Boy’ when it hits theaters in March and be inspired!


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