Lightning-Fast Jack Russell Races Owner Sledding Down A Hill

Lightning-Fast Jack Russell Races Owner Sledding Down A Hill

Check out this adorable and lightning-fast Jack Russell as he races his owner that’s sledding down a hill — I guarantee you haven’t seen such tiny legs move so quickly!


If you know anything about Jack Russell Terriers, you know that they have an endless amount of energy. There are probably some bouncing off the walls right now with all that energy! And this little guy is no exception. 


His owner said, “Very restless. He runs after everything that moves.” Even all that snow couldn’t stop him from doing his favorite activity! 


Over in Cheboksary, Russia, where the dog and his family live, they get around 7 inches of snow in December. And last month, when the video was taken, they had plenty of snow to go sledding.


In the beginning of the clip, the pup just can’t wait to race down that hill. He looks at his owner and then seems to attempt to grab hold of the sled and get it started on its way down. He’s even barking with excitement simultaneously. How could you not be excited for the little guy just by watching?!


Once he realizes the sled is moving on its own, he turns around, switches to turbo, and leaves his owner in the dust — or rather, snow. Immediately, the pup speeds feet ahead of his owner. As the sled gains speed, the owner creeps up behind him right on his tail!


Luckily, this man is no amateur sledder. Somehow, he steers himself to the side. This is where you get the close-up action shot of the pup’s tiny legs. He’s like a cartoon! The legs are just blurry from the movement.


When the sled slows to a stop, the dog keeps running until he notices. The best part? This little terrier scurries right back to his owner barking like he’s demanding to do it again. If he hadn’t noticed that the sled stopped, would he ever stop running? 


Keep on racing, little guy!


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