Dramatic Dog Puts On The Best Show With Owner

Dramatic Dog Puts On The Best Show With Owner

Somebody give this dog an Oscar for his sweet, theatrical chops! This video is too cute not to share as this dramatic dog puts on the best show with his owner.

With the old “bang-bang-play dead” trick, it is obvious this lab is more than happy to show off his skills and have a little fun with his owner. I can’t help but praise his acting abilities. And dogs live for praise from their humans.

This cheeky pooch not only loves his owner, but he also loves to spend time with his human dad and he’s willing to learn a few fun tricks like playing dead.

But if you have a beloved fur ball of fluff you call your fur child, then you may know that learning how to play dead is difficult. This doesn’t include learning the command of how to react when you say “bang-bang” in order to pretend you’re dying. But this cute pup has not only mastered it but he gets into this trick so well, he should have a contract to act on the big screen!

His owner gets into his stick 'em up stance and the lab already knows what is about to happen! His owner then creates a “gun” with his fingers and the pup is alert and reading the situation. He knows what’s going to happen and his ears perk up. He’s ready! Then his owner points his fingers at the dog and says, “Bang-bang.”

The pooch takes over the whole scene but he can’t quite get into character because it’s just too much fun. He can’t help but wag his tail because he’s having a blast interacting with his beloved human dad. He then opens his mouth wide as if to say, “Oh! Oh my. You got me. You got me good. I’m going down.”

He pretends to fall over, flopping onto the floor, and lays his head down as if he’s absolutely done for. But the funniest part is how his tail is still wagging because he’s supposed to be technically dead.

This video with this dramatically cute pup is the single best show-stopper that's sure to leave your friends speechless. There is absolute joy oozing from both the owner and his lab. This dog must be incredibly smart to have made it this far in mastering this skill. And it’s too cute not to share!

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