'People Of Heaven' Phil Wickham Official Audio

'People Of Heaven' Phil Wickham Official Audio

Listen to this new song from Phil Wickham and Brandon Lake titled ‘People Of Heaven’ and be encouraged today.

“Come on, get your hands up, hands up, people of heaven, singing hallelujah to Ya
For all we’ve been given, saved, and set apart, ashes into art, children of the King
Every promise kept, only hope ahead, lift your heart and sing, we’re gonna live, live forever
We’re gonna live, live forever, come on, get your eyes up, eyes up, people of heaven”

This great song was written by Phil Wickham and Brandon Lake, and the duo plans to perform the song on “Summer Worship Nights,” which is a co-headline tour scheduled for this month. ‘People Of Heaven’ will also be featured on Phil Wickham’s new album titled Believe, which is coming out this August as well.

Phil Wickham recently shared how ‘People Of Heaven’ came about. “A few weeks ago, Brandon and I had a crazy idea to write and record a song specifically to end the nights and go out with a band on our upcoming tour. We laughed about it at first, but then a song started forming, and before we knew it we had recorded ‘People Of Heaven.’ It truly feels like God is all over the story of this one,” he said. “I am so, so pumped about this song, and I can’t wait to sing it with Brandon every night on the Summer Worship Nights Tour. It’s gonna go off!”

Brandon Lake also shared how quickly this new song was created. “Phil Wickham, Brandon Breitenbach, and I wanted to write a song for this season, a song that would remind us of the hope and future we have,” Brandon said. “And we ended up writing and recording this joy bomb in a matter of hours and releasing it days later.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘People Of Heaven’ from Phil Wickham and Brandon Lake today, and it was able to bring you some joy and encouragement!

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