'Salvation Mountain' Lauren Daigle And Gary Clark Jr. Official Lyric Video

'Salvation Mountain' Lauren Daigle And Gary Clark Jr. Official Lyric Video

Listen to this amazing song titled ‘Salvation Mountain’ by Lauren Daigle and featuring guitar virtuoso Gary Clark Jr.

“You turn my rags into riches, my mess into marvelous, my broken into beautiful
Like only You can, You take my fear into faith, my hopelessness to happiness
My loneliness into living, it's where You're takin' me, I'm on my way to Salvation Mountain
Yeah, I'm here to be changed, I'm here to be free, I'm on my way to Salvation Mountain”

What an amazing song that reminds us how God can completely turn our lives around. This soulful song is part of Lauren Daigle’s new full-length self-titled album. The project’s first ten songs came out in May, and another thirteen songs were released in September. The song ‘Salvation Mountain’ was written over the course of a road trip with co-writer Jonas Myrin to the eccentric landmark in the California desert. 

With her music, Lauren Daigle shares that she wants others to know that God loves His people as they are. “There is a lot of joy in having a relationship with Jesus,” she says

“And so expressing that kind of sentiment and this lack-of-shame expression of God was so important to me, for people to see Him as this God of love and God of kindness and this God that will meet you in any place that you’re at.”

Lauren Daigle has had huge success with both Christian and contemporary listeners, but she says that she is just getting started. She shares that her most recent album is her most personal one yet, and she is just beginning to find her true sound. We can’t wait to hear more from this talented artist!

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Salvation Mountain’ by Lauren Daigle today!

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