“Kid on Christmas” by Pentatonix with Meghan Trainor

“Kid on Christmas” by Pentatonix with Meghan Trainor

You’ll want to add “Kids on Christmas” by Pentatonix, with some help from Meghan Trainer, to your Christmas playlist! This is from the new album Holidays Around the World by Pentatonix. Their new record features collaborations with artists from around the globe; this is the 7th Christmas album for the group! They know how to do the holidays!

The song is new, but the video seems like a blast from the past. With vintage cameras and sound equipment and stylized film quality, we step into the filming of a variety show. A host with a hefty head of dark hair and dark shades introduces the “festive little number” using his pencil-thin microphone. It looks like the 1970’s!

The girl behind the camera wears a jumpsuit with a neck scarf, and the guy manning the yellowed controls has a long mustache and a denim shirt that’s open more than most these days. 

Meghan Trainer and Pentatonix are dressed in an eclectic assortment of get-ups, but they include wide collars, a lime-green, polyester maxi dress, feathered hair, and one pretty long afro. All this is set against a backdrop of gold streamers!

The camera woman and the control guy look bored as the song starts slowly with Ms. Trainer singing the opening lines. They’re just putting in their time. But the tune takes off at 1:00!   

A lively, lyrical listing, the song includes several wishes that amount to making old folks feel young again at Christmas! The six singers are in full dance mode, and by 1:13, the number has the techies gently moving their heads—warming up to the song!

When the words refer to turning 87 and going on 11, Jumpsuit Girl has her hands in the air, and Mustache Man is smiling ear-to-ear! Stockings full of candy canes, hooves on rooftops, dancing sugar plums, flying reindeer, halls decked, snowflakes falling, and Santa letters read in full! These are the images that soon have the crew away from their posts and pulling out all of their dance moves!

By the time the anthem to holiday good humor ends, everyone is back in place. But, they aren’t bored. They are rejuvenated! 

The holidays do lighten the spirits of most, and for those resistant among us, maybe they need to check out “Kid on Christmas.” It’s a fun one, likely to get those born in the 70s or approaching 70 to think just a little bit younger!  

“A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.” Proverbs 15:13

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