Farm Dog Adopts Abandoned Baby Cow

Farm Dog Adopts Abandoned Baby Cow

Experience this silent, heartwarming 40-second moment as a farm dog “adopts” an abandoned baby cow as if it were one of its own! 

Here’s the backstory to this sweet video story, according to Sunny Skyz. A rancher spotted a newly born calf in the field. Unfortunately, between him and the calf stood a coyote, bound and determined to have the calf for itself. The rancher had no choice but to put down the coyote in order to save the calf, but, in the end, the momma cow abandoned her offspring.

When the calf was brought to the barn, the owner’s heeler stepped in as a surrogate! How sweet is that?

A Blue Heeler, which is also called an Australian Cattle Dog or a Queensland Heeler, is a herding dog. The American Kennel Club describes heelers as alert, agile, sturdy, and strong—this doesn’t scream “softer side.” 

This type of dog is blessed with a great work ethic, intelligence, energy, and loyalty, but without a task, they can get into trouble. These guy or gal canines need a purpose! And, this particularly pretty pup has found one! 

Watch as the heeler nuzzles up close and personal with the calf. The dog definitely seems to be nurturing the newborn, placing a paw atop the calf’s head and giving a sweet pat. The calf, named Holly, stays put as the heeler gets up and gives her a quick once over. 

The rancher is there with a bottle, but the heeler is definitely taking the lead here. Instead of engaging in a chase, the dog is playing parent to the precious orphan. After a parental wellness check, the rancher’s herding partner lays down right next to the calf, looking as if it’s there for the long haul. The exchange is an adorable interaction between baby bovine and caring canine!

Maybe, cuddling and caregiving aren’t necessarily in an Australian Cattle Dog’s wheelhouse, but this one sure is doing a prize-winning job at the task at hand!

“Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.” Philippians 4:5

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