Sweet Brother Carries Baby Sister Across Mud Puddle

You’re bound to get a smile out of this sweet brother as he carries his baby sister across a mud puddle and makes it all alright! 

Maybe, this little guy is the eldest child in his family; we know there is a lot to be said about birth order and behavior. Perhaps, he’s already developing a stereotypical Texas gentleman manner.

Or, it could be that he just has a soft spot for his 4-year-old sister, Madison. In any case, 6-year-old Luke saved the day for this pint-sized damsel in distress! 

Mom Kelsey Fowler captured the predicament on video. Way to go, Momma! Too often, bad behaviors get noticed, but it’s much more beneficial to our kids and their development when we call out and praise the good ones.

Little Miss, decked out in a black, red, and pink dress on a dreary day, is super distressed about the possibility of getting her shoes wet. They appear to be an impressive, strappy, gladiator-type sandal, so clearly, that is out of the question! 

Her pigtails, held in place with pink and red bows, have probably already begun to droop a little in the weather! What’s a sweet pea like her to do?

Miss Madison puts it out there. And, really, it’s nice that she wants to take care of her shoes. Mom challenges her a bit, but Madison stands firm on solid, dry ground. Alas, it’s Luke to the rescue. He offers to pick his sister up and get her across the watery pavement. It’s a deal!

Luke, properly outfitted with black tennies, charges through the wetness, scoops up his sister and transports her across the puddle. The tears stop, and all's right with the world!

Madison might want to work on expressing her thanks—a lesser man might expect a bit more appreciation. But Luke is fine with it. He’s just a big brother doing his brotherly duty. They are a precious pair, and their interaction is very sweet. Kelsey is doing a great job with her two kiddos. 

Here’s to great parenting, sunny days, and chivalrous boys!  

“Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters.” Hebrews 13:1

Source: Caters Clips

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