Cry For Hope' Michael W. Smith Performs Prayer For Ukraine

There are no words for what is happening to the people of Ukraine. We’ve seen images of bombed homes, children losing their lives, and fathers gunned down over one man’s greed for power. 

The Bible reminds us that there will be wars, but that doesn’t mean we can’t lift up mankind. We can help them in their time of need. Recently, a well-known musician released a new song to help bring relief to those living in the war zone. ‘Cry For Hope’ by Michael W. Smith plays a prayer for Ukraine. 

In this captivating orchestra official music video, Michael plays the piano, and he is accompanied by a Ukrainian violinist. The video for the music piece is accompanied by real-life images of people living in Ukraine. 

We have been devastated by the images we’ve seen on the news and on social media. Hospitals bombed, children hiding in basements, and fathers leaving their families to take back their country. 

We go to God to pray, and yet we have no words for what we are witnessing and what the Ukrainians are facing. We can’t imagine living in a war zone. Nor can we imagine every semblance of life ripped apart. We ache, we groan, and we pray for Jesus to fix it. When we can’t find the words, Michael finds a way to create a musical masterpiece that echoes the plight of the Ukrainians as well as our heart’s cry. 

When he was asked how he put this song together, he wrote, “I saw some images and video of what was taking place in Ukraine, and the casualties, and the women and children, and it broke my heart… it just wiped me out. I found myself at the grand piano at my house, and this melody fell out of the sky.”

Michael’s new song is a silent prayer for Ukraine. After posting the video, he captioned it with this message, “After watching the news and the devastation in Ukraine, like most of the world, I was in tears. Over the next few days, this melody just kept coming back to me and just spoke a message that no words could convey."

He is partnering with CityServe, and a portion of the funds being raised through this musical masterpiece will go to help Ukraine. It is Michael’s prayer that this piece moves us all to pray more and give what we can to help Ukraine. We thank God that when we have no words, he knows what our hearts feel, and he moves on our behalf. 

1 Timothy 6:12 “Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.”


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