Pizza Delivery Driver Trips Suspected Car Thief Running From Cops

Pizza Delivery Driver Trips Suspected Car Thief Running From Cops

Tyler Morrell, a pizza delivery driver, trips a suspected car thief running from the cops. 

In this wild video, it was just like any other work day for Tyler, who works as a pizza delivery man for Cocco’s Aston Pizza, was delivering pizza to a customer in a neighborhood. 

When he arrived at the front door of the customer’s house, he was alarmed by screeching tires behind him. The homeowner could be heard stating, “That’s a high-speed chase.” When Tyler turned around, he saw a car drive onto a neighbor's lawn and a man running away from the car. Seconds later, the police arrive to try and apprehend the fleeing suspect. 

As Tyler walks up to the sidewalk, he watches a man running towards him and the cops on hot on his trail. Tyler knew he needed to help when he swiftly sticks his foot out to trip the suspect while still holding his delivery. Tyler’s quick thinking sends the man tumbling to the ground and into the custody of the police. 

Unbothered by the wild events, Tyler delivers the large pepperoni pizza to his customer on time and unscathed! It was still hot and fresh. Later, Tyler’s boss gave Tyler credit on their Instagram page for his quick thinking. They wrote, “Special shoutout to our delivery driver Tyler, who assisted the Brookhaven police today and STILL delivered the pizza unharmed!!” 

He said he’s always wanted to do something heroic, and I say this is pretty heroic. He put his job and integrity on the line to do what needed to be done. The police department is also thankful for Tyler’s quick actions. 

We need more people like Tyler in the world. Even though he is incredibly humble about his actions, we are thankful for men like him. He had no problem stepping up and helping when it was needed the most. 

“Be of good courage, and let us be courageous for our people, and for the cities of our God, and may the Lord do what seems good to him,” 2 Samuel 10:12

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