Couple Accidentally Locks Themselves in Dog Crates

Couple Accidentally Locks Themselves in Dog Crates

Not every day is going to be awesome. Sure, everyone has bad days. Most of us have found ourselves in awful, horrible situations due, in part, to our actions and decisions. But have you locked yourself inside a dog crate? I mean, who would do that, right? 

One YouTube clip is picking up views that shows two people who managed to get themselves locked inside dog crates. Yes, seriously.

You must see it to believe it!

The short clip begins innocently enough in what appears to be a living room. On the right side of the screen, a man stands gazing down at and petting a German shepherd. But seconds into the clip, we see activity at the bottom left of the screen. A woman appears on screen.

It appears she is motioning for another dog to climb into a crate. It's difficult to see if any animal climbs into the crate on the bottom left of the screen, but she does close the doors to a crate.

Next, it is the German shepherd's turn. With light coaxing, the dog runs into an opened crate. The door is closed behind the animal.

Then, with a big grin, the woman opens the door of a crate next to the German shepherd, and the man climbs into the crate without any convincing. She shuts the door securely behind him.

Similarly, the woman opens and gets into an empty crate and shuts the door behind her.  

Seconds later, it becomes apparent that this was not a great idea.

The woman, through laughter, says, “I can’t get out.”

Both the man and the woman laugh hysterically at their ridiculous situation!

The man begins shifting and moving his crate. After successfully repositioning his crate in front of the woman's crate, he opens hers. She is free! 

Seconds later, she does the same for him. He emerges from his locked container. 

Remember, no matter how bad your day is, you did not lock yourself inside a dog crate!

Isaiah 55:12 “For you shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace; the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.”

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