The Promise of Hope and I Will Follow Him

The Promise of Hope and I Will Follow Him

Here is a video to honor the true Son of God. Jesus is ALIVE! He has risen! When He ascended into heaven, He has left us His spirit to live in the hearts of His children. Jesus will do amazing things in your life, if you let Him live in your heart. May 1992, when I gave my life to Jesus, He came into my heart and I was never the same again! This is what is really like to have the Holy Spirit living inside of you, you can't hold back His love, once He grabs the hold of your heart. That is what He did to me, and I pray that you let Him into your heart, so He can begin His good works in YOU!

May this video blesses your heart and make you question, who were you honoring all this time, if you never knew Jesus? JESUS IS COMING SOON, ARE YOU READY FOR HIM? The worse thing that could happen to anyone on this earth, is living your life without Jesus. This video explains why, and what you may see here, may truly surprise you.

JESUS IS RISEN!!! May you all be blessed in what Jesus had me do in this video.

God bless you all! With Christ's love, Nilda

Music credits
MercyMe ~ "GOD IS WITH US"

In the Radio City Music Hall of NY
Orchestra leader ~ Andre Rieu
Song ~ "I WILL FOLLOW HIM" (from the movie Sister Act)